Tasting @ L'Èpicerie Futée Bromont

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December 4 (2018) from 3:00-5:30pm
More at the olive oil tasting Sept 25th @ 3:30pm
B) La Gramanosa’s trio is the pride and joy of the 85 year old grandson of the creator of Danone Yogurt. Here you taste the difference between the Arbequina olive at early harvest and at the VERY early harvest. State of the art in every way. The Picual olive has a delightful green hue and is delicious on vegetables.
C) DeCarlo is the industry example. The same family has been making olive oil since the 16th century and was, in 1980, the 1st to try a centrifuge instead of a press. The results were so much better than anything before that all those striving for the BEST followed suit. Here we offer two of their classics: Torre di Mossa and their organic
D) Extra Virgin olive oils from Greece to Italy, one co-op, one dénoyauté ; from the foot hills of the Alps south. All exceptional. Olives, like people, have a unique chemistry. Which one does Your chemistry like. Find out on Sept 25th.

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