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"thrilled to be able to order your olive oil on line"

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I have meaning to write and thank you ! I received my  order very quickly. I am spreading the word to all I know. Sounds like you have done a wonderful job of developing your business. we are thrilled to be able to order your olive oil on line. Nice to know it is only a mouse click away !! Best of Luck Christine and John

gastronome et ex chef ...

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En tant que gastronome et ex chef de cuisine je fais la promotion de façon enthousiasme des produits d’olive et en particulier ceux que Jill offre, connaissant la valeur intrinsèque de l’huile d’olive sur le plan culinaire et gastronomique en plus des qualités exceptionnelles pour la santé.  - François Tourigny

"wonderful olive oil she sells" ...

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I met Jill when she gave a talk and tasting about olive oil a few years ago and have been enjoying the wonderful olive oil she sells ever since.  She really knows how to find the best quality “evoo” and is very enthusiastic about passing along her knowledge of its benefits. – Diane Cameron

You Taste the Truth is actually the TRUTH!

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If you have never tried the Italian, Spanish and Greek Olive Oils distributed by Jill DenHertog of www.youtastethetruth.com you have not lived.  The burst of flavors based on your own body chemistry is incredible not to mention how the oils enhance the flavors of your foods immensely. Jill is so passionate about educating people of the HEALTHY benefits of these very special oils as they are so unique to what is on the market.  The fact that the olives are picked at ½ ripe means the polyphenol counts of the oils are at their HIGHEST peak therefore being like a...