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Bonamini Veneto Valpolicella - 500 ml

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Bonamini Veneto Valpolicella - 500 ml


Illasi,(VR) Italy



It is hard to overstate Bonamini’s consistent success pairing the Favarol and Grignan olives. Over the years they have perfected this blend, and this year they have really created a harmonious model of perfection.


*UP Extra Virgin olive oil

Blend: 50% Favarol, 50% Grignan olives

2020 Flos Olei Guide:  100/100

**Polyphenol count:  290

Free Acidity:  0.24

Peroxide Value:  8.7

Best before:  23/01/22

*Ultra Premium

**Unit mg/kg Caffeic acid equivalent

A beautifully intense golden yellow with an elegant and complex aroma.


Ideal on vegetables, fish, soups and soft cheeses.


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