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DeCarlo Torre di Mossa - 100 ml (free sample)

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DeCarlo Torre di Mossa - 100 ml (free sample)


Bitritto, (BA), Italy


The Decarlo family has been making olive oil in Puglia since the 16th century. Their dedication and expertise is legendary. In 1979-1980 they pioneered the use of the centrifuge instead of the press which resulted in the best olive oil the family had ever made. All serious producers followed the DeCarlo lead.  To tell the world of the marked improvement in their olive oil the word EXTRA (meaning 'no taste defects') was added to the Virgin Olive oil labels.

The DeCarlos have been, and remain, an example to the industry.

Extra Virgin olive oil: Torre di Mossa

Monocultivar:    Coratina olive

Polyphenol count:    752.5

Free Acidity:    0.22

Peroxide value:  2.8%

2017 Flos Olei Guide:  98/100

Here the coratina olive excels. The full elegant aroma of its intense limpid golden yellow colour is enriched by hints of black pepper. Bitterness and pungency are distinct. Ideal on beef carpaccio, bean soups, roast red meat, medium mature cheese and more.

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