Info on the Gift for New and Existing Clients

N.B. What you should know about how the gift for both the new and existing client works.




When a new client (XYZ) tells us he or she was referred by an existing client (ABC), we check the list of existing clients to confirm the existence of ABC.  Therefore PLEASE,

if you have been ,or are a client, and wish to be eligible to receive the gift gizmo, please be sure to send us your name, email and snail mail address and phone number. We will not have those on file IF you bought your oil at a market or store. Tell us which oil /oils you bought, and how you feel about them and us. A few words in the comment section of our web site are always welcome.

Thank you for your support . Stay healthy, enjoy the moment and be happy.



*Disclaimer- We will not share any personal information.