Olio Cru Emozioni - 100 ml (free sample)

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Olio Cru Emozioni - 100 ml (free sample)

Olio Cru,

Arco, Trentino, Italy


Olio Cru shouldn't exist. It's trees are spread over the foothills of the Alps where harvesting is  most precarious. Olives are de-stoned before being crushed. Olio Cru's exceptional qualities have just resulted in their being bought out by Cesareo Monastero. We wish them every success in the future. As you can see, this last harvest has maintained their exacting standards.

Monocultivar:     Coratina olive

Polyphenol count:    998

Free Acidity:   0.15

Peroxide value:    3.2%

2018 Flos Olei Guide:  96/100

Olio Cru's Emozioni has a strong round flavour that will take your breath away. Pungency is distinctive and the balance perfectly addictive.

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