Frantoio Romano Picholine lotto 21- 500ml

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Frantoio Romano Picholine lotto 21- 500ml

Frantoio Romano

Ponte (BN) Italy   

Located a bit east of Naples, Frantoio Romano's family has been making olive oil for 150 years. Today they are winning prizes for their superb oils from Rome to NY and beyond. Care and dedication are the norm for a family dedicated to creating the very best.

Extra virgin olive oil

Frantoio Romano Picholine


monocultivar:  Picholine olive

polyphenol count: 1021

free acidity:  0.17

peroxide:   3%

2018 Flos Olei Guide: 96/100

Best before: 31/08/2020

The Picholine olive is common as a table olive in France. Here, Alberto Romano, the 4th generation of a family of olive growers active since the mid 19th century, shows how well it translates into a delectable extra virgin olive oil. A fresh aroma and taste that still has some bitterness and pungency.