Olio Cru Emozioni - 500 ml

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Olio Cru Emozioni - 500 ml

Olio Cru,

Arco, Trentino, Italy


Olio Cru shouldn't exist. It's trees are spread over the foothills of the Alps where harvesting is  most precarious. Olives are de-stoned before being crushed and the passion of this small family makes all the parts work perfectly.

Monocultivar:     Coratina olive

Polyphenol count:    755

Free Acidity:   0.19

Peroxide value:    3.3%

2017 Flos Olei Guide:  96/100

Olio Cru's Emozioni has a strong round flavour that will take your breath away. Pungency is distinctive and the balance perfectly addictive