"Extra Virgin Olive oil Is an age-old food with space age qualities that medical science is just beginning to understand"

Tom Mueller, author of Extra Virginity

« L’huile d’olive extra vierge est un produit ancestral qui possède des vertus de l’ère spatiale que la science médicale commence tout juste à comprendre. »

This is a most unusual and challenging time.

Our first priority must be to stay healthy. For some this period offers something precious and rarely found, TIME. Perhaps you will be able to tackle some of the countless projects you've never had time for before. Time to read, exercise, learn something new, create something, reconnect with children, unwind. Whatever it is, a positive approach is always helpful and healthy. Our olive oils are slightly delayed but will be on their way shortly. We will continue to ship and deliver them as usual. We wish you both good health and positive projects.
Jill Pacaud den Hertog


Jill explaining the polyphenol count: