Hearing NPR's radio interview of Tom Mueller, about his book 'EXTRA VIRGINITY', just a few months after the fatal stroke of a dear loved one, really caught my attention, and made me wonder if real extra virgin olive oil could have made a difference.

Tom explained that extra virgin olive oil was the most fraudulent food in the world, which explained why the stuff I'd been buying tasted so oily and unpleasant.

I did a lot of reading (Tom Mueller's book 'Extra Virginity' was fascinating), visited top producers in Spain, Italy and Greece who answered endless questions,and took the ONAOO tasting course, which really showed me how little I knew. I continue learning and being fascinated.

I believe you want to know enough to select REAL fresh olive juice (extra virgin olive oil), with all its incredible health benefits, instead of the refined or fake stuff littering our grocers shelves.

I select extra virgin olive oils from lab reports (which you receive with your order), looking for quality, polyphenol counts, and olive variety, in that order.  All are exceptional, from the early harvest, international prize winners, estate bottled and 100% guaranteed. 

 My strong underlying focus is on good health which explains the emphasis on high and very high polyphenol counts (more).  En français 

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Jill den Hertog