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Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards

I believe you should know how hard countless people have been working to have the prestigious Berlin International competition in spite of the current international problem with COV19.

The following is part of a letter explaining the process for 2020. It was our commitment from the beginning that the date of the Berlin GOOA 2020 international olive oil competition should not be changed because it takes time for each company to take advantage of the awards and we for our part to activate all promotion services for this year on time.

So to ensure the implementation of the international olive oil competition Berlin GOOA 2020 on time we decided to implement the emergency response plan and to remotely evaluate the quality, innovation, packaging and design for this year's competition, responding effectively to the recent of the virus. We are working hard to ensure that the competition is conducted with the necessary transparency and inviolability so that the results justify the hard work of each company.

So the samples will be distributed simultaneously in 12 countries where the judges of the competition are located. That is why we have made a daily effort with the help of the German diplomatic authorities in the countries where any problem may arise, so that the missions can reach the recipient / judge within 20 hours from the moment of dispatch, so that their test can start at the same time. samples. We have secured this and with the completion of the competition we will thank every Embassy of the country that helped us, every commercial follower, Ambassador, customs officer, transport company, who resolutely supported the effort to send samples around the world.

The evaluation of the samples by the Judges will be carried out with a complete software evaluation program, providing the possibility for the results to be registered in real time.

The results will be announced with the completion of the grading and the last sample of olive oil. The results will be announced at the online address of the competition as well as the new online platform which will be the official Marketplace of the Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards.

Finally, we would like to thank the community of olive oil producers for the warm welcome to the 1st Berlin Olive Oil Awards. We are pleased to confirm that the goals set from the outset have been achieved both at the level of registered members and in the competition and at the level of readability of the competition in the wider community of the olive oil and food market.

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