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DeCarlo Felice Garibaldi - 100 ml (free sample)

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DeCarlo Felice Garibaldi - 100 ml (free sample)


Bitritto, (BA), Italy


The DeCarlo family have been making olive oil since the 17th century. They led the industry with their focus on quality, which had them shift from presses to the centrifuge well ahead of the pack. There are 3 generations involved now. Francesco and Martina, their parents and their children. The children bring their classmates to the groves to see how olive oil is made. A fine example all round.



*UP Extra Virgin olive oil

Monocultivar:  100% Ogliarola Barese olive

2020 Flos Olei Guide: 99/100

**Polyphenol count:  660

Free Acidity:  0.20

Peroxide Value:  1.6

Best before:  09/2023

*Ultra Premium

**Unit mg/kg Caffeic acid equivalent


Felice Garibaldi isn’t just an elegant oil with a subtle flavour; it is a ‘Slow Food’ selection plus it has a story.


Brother of Giuseppe Garibaldi, one of the fathers of modern Italy, Felice moved to southern Italy and produced olive oil. He used only olives from the trees at a time when it was usual to use the olives on the ground. The quality was so much better that other producers follow suit and Italy developed a reputation for fine olive oil. This olive oil is a tribute to his contribution.


It will enhance the taste and aroma of any dish.


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