Viola Almanacco

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Viola Almanacco


Viola Alamnacco  500ml

San Giovanni, (PG) Italy


With a rating of 100/100, Viola is in the Flos Olei Hall of Fame; a very select group of 8 companies, out of 497 companies, spread around the world. The oil mill, built in 1927 has been completely renovated with modern technology, and the results are superb, reflecting a long family tradition.


*UP Extra Virgin Olive oil


Monocultivar: 100% Frantoio olives

Flos Olei Guide 2024:100/100

**Polyphenol Count: 1157.8

Free Acidity: 0.25

Peroxide Value: 3.8

Best Before: 30/08/25

*Ultra Premium

**Unit mg/kg caffeic acid equivalent