Fonte di Foiano Gran Cru- 500 ml

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Fonte di Foiano Gran Cru- 500 ml

Fonte di Foiano

Castagneto  Carducci (LI), Italy

This family has been experimenting with olive oils with very high polyphenols for years, with incredible results. That they have succeeded in raising the polyphenol count without sacrificing taste is amazing. Both NY and Flos Olei, among others, have credited them with prizes for their success. Pray they continue.

 Lab Report

*UP Extra Virgin olive oil

Blend: Picholine, Frantoio and Maurino

2023 Flos Olei Guide :    99/100

**Polyphenol count : 1020

Free Acidity:  0.16

Peroxide Value:  3.0

Best before :  10/2024

*Ultra Premium

**Unit: mg/kg Caffeic acid equivalent


The exceptional results of this families hard work, experiments, investments and dreams is reflected in this superb extra virgin olive oil. Awarded "Farm of the Year' by Flos Olei it is hard to emphasize enough the skill, patience and resolve that go into making an olive oil with such a high ployphenol count that tastes so good. As with all strong flavors you want to use them where they add to a dish. Enjoy.