Tenuta Torre di Mossa - 500 ml

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Tenuta Torre di Mossa - 500 ml


Bitritto, (BA), Italy


The DeCarlo family have been making olive oil since the 17th century. They led the industry with their focus on quality, which had them shift from presses to the centrifuge well ahead of the pack. There are 3 generations involved now. Francesco and Martina, their parents and their children. The children bring their classmates to the groves to see how olive oil is made. A fine example all round.


Lab Report 

*UP Extra Virgin olive oil

Monocultivar: 100% Coratina olive

2023 Flos Olei Guide:  99/100

**Polyphenol count: 721

Free Acidity:  0.22

Peroxide Value:  1.3

Best before: 09/2024

*Ultra Premium

**Unit: mg/kg Caffeic acid equivalent



Torre di Mossa is the DeCarlo ‘historic’ farm as well as the birthplace of an extra virgin oil that epitomises the family’s idea of quality. The coratina olive is the mother of all the local oils. An intense, limpid golden yellow with warm green hues, it’s taste is full and  elegant. Ideal on grilled foods, pasta with meat sauce, thick soups, swordfish, grilled red meat or game & hard mature cheeses.