How to check your olive oil's pedigree

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        Like the best cars and  athletes, the best olive oils enter international competitions from NY to Rome, Tokyo to Melbourne, Israel to South Africa and beyond.. Lab reports are part of the intense monitoring of the various stages of the oil’s development from it’s early half ripe stage to it’s fully ripe one.

          At ‘You Taste the Truth’ we consult the lab reports before we order from the producers, and you get a copy of the report that goes with the oils you order.

       The Flos Olei competition in Rome was more or less the format for the NY International Olive oil competition in the States. Flos Olei also put out an annual book rating the best oils from around the world. To be fair, a producer must pay to have his oil analyzed and rated by Flos Olei, but the guide eliminates the fraudulent element entirely. Flos Olei also has an app. available from Google play that more or less does the same as the book. All our Spanish and Italian producers have a 92-99 out of 100 Flos Olei rating, and our Greek oil is well described in Tom Mueller’s book ‘Extra Virginity.’

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