When buying olive oil ...

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When buying olive oil remember that the crooks make more money selling fake oil than they do drugs. Their label will stress what everyone knows; extra virgin olive oil, cold press, first press. You must look further.

The name of the olive used for the oil.

The harvest date, not the sell by date which is flexible and arbitrary. The harvest date will be starting anywhere from September to December in the Northern Hemisphere depending on the location of the groves, and 6 months later in the Southern Hemisphere.

The DOP, or government stamp, that guarantees the authenticity of the extra virgin olive oil.

Something unusual like ‘Early Harvest’, ‘Olive Juice’ or ‘Very Early Harvest’.

A detailed address of the producer in the country the oil is coming from, and /or an email address, web site or telephone number that takes you directly to that producer.

Any one of the above will lead you to real extra virgin olive oils that the producer is proud of.


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