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Frantoio Romano Ortice Bio -500ml

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Frantoio Romano Ortice Bio -500ml


Frantoio Romano Ortica Bio

Ponte (BN) Italy 


This is the fourth generation of a family of olive growers  active since the mid 19 century. Alberto Romano, combining excellence, dedication and care, has obtained the  brilliant results evident in his Ortice Bio. Exuberant fresh taste. Pairs beautifully with legume dishes, pasta & seafood dishes,
poultry, rabbit & cheese.

*UP:Extra Virgin Olive oil
Monocultivar: 100% Ortice olives
Flos Olei Guide 2024: 97/100
**Polyphenol Count: 506
Free Acidity: 0.15
Peroxide Value: 7.8
Best Before: 10/25
*Ultra Premium
**Unit mg/kg caffeic acid equivalent


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