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Fabbri Fior D'oro - 750ml

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Fabbri Fior D'oro - 750ml

Fabbri Fior d'oro  

It was not quick or easy to come up with a replacement for kritsa, but my Italian friends have done us proud and from the blind selection they sent me I chose #407. Prices in Greece had gone crazy with limited supply and maximum demand. We were more than happy with our selection. 407 is Flor d'oro, and  you are in for a real treat when you taste it. It is a perfect all purpose, all round EVOO. Excellent by itself, on food, or for cooking.


Blend: Corstina, Peranzana, & Biancolilla olives

**Polyphenol Count  633

Free Acidity: 0.19

Peroxide Value: 5.3

Best Before: 09/25

** Unit mg/kg caffeic acid equivalent


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