AOK Krista 0.3 - 60 ml (free sample)

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AOK Krista 0.3 - 60 ml (free sample)
AOK Krista 0.3 - 60 ml (free sample)

 A.O.K. Kritsa

Agriculture Cooperative of Kritsa

Lassithi, Crete, Greece

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Kritsa, just west of Agios Nikolaos on the Island of Crete, could be where all this began. It has some of the oldest trees alive today. 

How olive oil processing has evolved! What remains the same is the locals determination to make the very best oil from their magnificent trees. Modern equipment and methods have created the best olive oil ever. AOK is a coop. That means NO skilled labour costs, so that saving gets passed on to you, the consumer. When you know that Kritsa locals use 50 litres per person per annum, of their own oil, you understand why they want the best, and why they are so very healthy.

Kritsa 0.3

*UP Extra Virgin Olive oil

Monocultivar: Koroneiki olive

**Polyphenol Count: 574

Free Acidity:  0.3

Peroxide Value:  5.1

Best before:  09/2023

*Ultra Premium

**Unit: mg/kg Caffeic acid equivalent

Kritsa 0.3 olive oil is the perfect all round olive oil. Great for cooking, adding on to any dish, or using as a cosmetic on your skin or hair. It does everything. It tastes great and feels good. What else is there?

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